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Cathodic corrosion protection (CCP)

Planning, tendering, construction supervision and maintenance on CCP systems

Cathodic corrosion protection systems provide, depending on the particular boundary conditions, an economical and technically useful alternative to the conventional methods of concrete repair. Time-consuming, expensive and noisy work for the remove of concrete layers can be avoided.

Our expert services include the following:

  • Specific preliminary investigations for CCP (potential field measurements, electrolytic resistance measurement, verification of conductive connections, etc.)
  • Drafting of a feasibility study with regard to technical and economic aspects
  • Development of CCP layouts
  • Planning, tendering and surveillance of execution of CCP systems
  • Drafting of an expert opinion for obtaining special building permits.



Certified planning expert for cathodic corrosion protection systems for steel in concrete, holder of the Level 3 Certificate according to DIN EN 15257:2017 (fkks cert GmbH)

Anode strips at the bottom of the wall
Anode strips in a floor slab
CCP system controls
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