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construction, energetic demands, degree of damage, remaining service life

The facades of buildings often consist of several layers and are constructed with different methods and construction details. The documents and records providing sufficient information for the assessment of the state and structural quality of the facade of an existing building are frequently not available. Moreover, nowadays energetic demands are placed on facades which must be fulfilled with the appropriate proof. Facades and facade elements can be investigated on location and, in addition, their quality determined by computational methods. We are able to provide, for example, the necessary information on the following:

  • Structural design and layer thicknesses
  • Quality of structural components and building materials
  • Execution details (anchoring of curtain wall elements, seals, etc.)
  • Characteristic parameters for energy and air tightness of the thermal envelope
  •  Effects of thermal bridges
  • Feasibility of contemporary technical requirements
  • Condition of the load-bearing structure and degree of damage
  • Progress of damage and remaining service life (including service life design if required).

Based on the assessment of a facade as a whole with regard to the condition of the structure, the building material and aspects of building physics, we develop worthwhile renovation and repair concepts in consultation with client. We are pleased to take over the planning work and can support the execution of all work phases.