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Porosity detector

Inspecting coatings and seals


Based on DIN 55670 "Paints and varnishes - method for testing paint coatings for pores and cracks using high-voltage" the impermeability of seals can be tested with the porosity detector and defects such as cracks or pores located.

In the case of reinforced concrete structures, the pore detector is electrically connected to the test object (e.g. via the reinforcement). A flat electrode serves as the detector of the pore search device. During the test, a high constant voltage is applied and the flat electrode is passed over the coating or seal. An intact coating acts as an insulator and no current flows between the electrode and the concrete. If pores or other defects are present in the coating, an electrical circuit is completed by a spark discharge to the concrete. This is reported by an acoustic signal.


  • Localization of cracks in coatings (e.g. OS 8, OS 11)
  • Testing of seals under bridge coverings for defects (mandatory inspection in some federal states)

Manufacturer / device type

ISOTEST inspect 8.0