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Ground penetrating radar

Locating components beneath the surface



Like the ultrasound method, this radar method is based on the impulse-echo principle. A very short electrical pulse (half width <1 ns) is emitted from the transmitter into the material to be examined. This electromagnetic pulse is reflected at interfaces where the electrical properties of the material change and is then detected by the receiver. Reflections occur at the surface and the back of the structures being examined as well as at inhomogeneities in the material.

In recent years, GPR has been successfully applied in civil engineering for investigating road surfaces directly from a moving vehicle or for locating prestressed reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures, especially reinforced concrete bridges. GPR is being used more and more in these areas.

Manufacturer / Device type

Proceq GPR Live

GSSI StructureScan Pro

Hilti PS 1000

Mala CX11

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Measurement analysis
Measurement analysis
Measurement analysis