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Traffic areas

Industrial floors and screeds, airport surfaces, concrete roads

Roads and trafficked surfaces typically exhibit damage due to incorrect planning and construction as well as abrasion. During planning, the actual stress produced by traffic has to be considered along with internal restraint stress due to changes in temperature and moisture content. By specifying an appropriate joint layout and the necessary dowels/anchors, crack-free road surfaces can be guaranteed as, for example, required for surfaces where water-polluting substances are handled. The requirements for durability regarding, e.g. freeze-thaw and freeze-thaw deicing salt action, abrasion, thermal effects etc. and operation in service, e.g. drainage, surface roughness and texture, skid resistance, must be fulfilled by the properties, composition, processing and reworking of the concrete.

Our expert services include the following.

  • Inspection of existing traffic areas and damage analysis (visual inspection, roughness depth measurements with ELA texture device, strength tests, if necessary detection of integrated elements with ultrasound and radar, non-destructive thickness measurement)
  • Repair planning
  • Expert advice, structural and construction planning for new constructions
  • Expert assistance for construction and construction site surveillance
  • Performance of acceptance tests.