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Technical approvals

Expert assistance and support in building approvals

Innovation means exploring new paths and offering solutions that are not always covered by the usual building codes. In this case, the particular construction, element or building material must be granted a General Technical Approval (AbZ) or a Technical Approval in a Specific Case (ZiE) by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) or the Supreme Building Authority (OBB) of the responsible federal state. Our services in the area of AbZ and ZiE approvals include the following:

  • Advising our clients about general procedures
  • Drafting a concept or test programme for submission to the DIBt or the responsible OBB
  • Expert assistance with any necessary investigations
  • Production of an expert report for submission to the DIBt or the responsible OBB
  • Applying for a ZiE approval for the client
  • Conducting all necessary discussions with the DIBt or the responsible OBB (e.g. presentation of results, etc.) for obtaining the AbZ or ZiE approval.

*Cover: Approval testing of rebar. Fatigue tests with the high frequency pulsator (vibrophore)at the Centre for Building Materials, TU München.