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Development of durable and sustainable solutions throughout the planning and construction process

Sustainability in reinforced concrete construction

Everyone is talking about it, but what does sustainability mean in reinforced concrete construction? How can you save CO2, reduce resource consumption and reduce environmental impact?

We can support you in the development of project-related sustainability strategies for everything to do with concrete as a building material!

Depending on the construction task, we design permanent and sustainable solutions and accompany you throughout the entire planning process through to execution.

We master

  • the theory: Life cycle management, ecological balancing and calculation of life cycle costs and
  • the practice: Development of robust, CO2-reduced concrete recipes, e.g. using low-clinker cements, recycled aggregates and locally available concrete raw materials, testing and optimization of the recipes under practical conditions; planning, tendering, monitoring, acceptance and maintenance of sustainable repair measures for concrete structures.

Sustainability in new construction - monitoring of building planning

  • Clarification of the boundary conditions depending on the individual targets and the building task (sustainability/ecology, durability, economy)
  • Development of a project-related sustainability strategy together with all those involved
  • Linking a life cycle management, service life assessment and life cycle cost calculation (as required)
  • Development of a robust CO2-reduced concrete recipe using low-clinker cements, recycled aggregates, local concrete raw materials, etc.
  • Transfer of the recipes into practice (production in the factory, pumping, installation)
  • Accompanying the execution, troubleshooting
  • When using eco-concrete outside the norm: Advice and expert support to obtain general building approvals (AbZ) or approvals in individual cases (ZiE).

Sustainability in combination with construction measures in existing buildings

As part of our building inspections and planning, we also advise you with special consideration of sustainability:

  • Development of a project-related sustainability strategy, taking into account, if necessary, different life cycles that may be considered
  • Development of Cradle to Gate or Gate to Gate models to create an evaluation basis
  • Linking of life cycle management, service life assessment and life cycle cost analysis of different repair variants and, if necessary, different life cycles with the aim of comparative analysis and determination of the execution variant.

Contacts: Dr.-Ing. Angelika Schießl-Pecka, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Stengel and Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Anne Rausch.