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Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Determining construction properties, locating flaws

According to the guideline for restoration, the state of a structure should be assessed prior to repair measures. Non-destructive testing methods enable a reliable, quick and cost-effective determination of the state of a structure. Noise and dust are kept to a minimum as well as damage to the material of the structure. Many tests on structures are generally only possible using NDT.

The following non-destructive investigations are conducted by us (selection):

  • Determination of corrosion in reinforced concrete members
  • Thickness measurements and determination of member geometry when access is limited to one side
  • Concrete cover thickness measurement, location of construction components (reinforcement, integrated components)
  • Location of delaminations and voids (multi-layer systems, screed)
  • Location of grouting defects in ducts (prestressed concrete construction)
  • Location of insufficient compaction, especially around the ducts
  • Detection of defects in surface protection systems and seals
  • Determination of surface characteristics of roads and trafficked surfaces (surface roughness).

The following testing devices and methods are typically used (selection):

  • Half-cell potential field measurement device (1 wheel, 4 wheel, rod electrode)
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) with antennae of various frequencies
  • Multi-array radar (Hilti PS 1000)
  • Ultrasound echo method (A12/20 Multi-array)
  • Reinforcement scanner (Hilti Ferroscan, Würth Lithoscope, proceq Profometer)
  • Infrared camera
  • Rebound hammer and concrete test hammer (proceq SilverSchmidt)
  • Hardness tester for steel inspection
  • Determination of surface adhesive strength (bond strength)
  • ELAtexture device (laser-based determination of surface characteristics)
  • High voltage spark test (inspection of seals and surface protection systems)
  • Airtightness tester (blower door).




Certified group leader according to the guideline for the non-destructive examination of tunnel linings (RI-ZFP-TU) with the ultrasonic device A1220 Monolith (device number 104021) of Acoustic Control Systems

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