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Life cycle management

Life cycle assessment and structural monitoring

In life cycle assessment the reliability of a structure is calculated over the intended service life of the structure considering the actual environmental exposure factors and the individual structural characteristics. This method can be applied to assess the durability of new and existing structures as well as specify necessary measures for improving durability.

The effectiveness of the chosen measures can be monitored with a structure monitoring system during the service life of the structure and the prediction of durability appropriately updated.

Our expert services comprise the following:

  • Life cycle assessment for effective prevention of reinforcement steel corrosion
  • Concrete technology concepts for optimizing material resistances against physical and chemical environmental action
  • Supervision of execution, development of maintenance concepts, service plans, surveillance and monitoring concepts, planning and surveillance of restoration
  • Planning, installation, maintenance of monitoring systems and evaluation of the data.
Anode ladder
Tunnel structure and monitoring system
Multi-ring electrode
Sensor installation