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Historical masonry

Assessment, maintenance and repair of masonry (masonry diagnostics)

In order to preserve and repair historical masonry, the condition of the building must first be recorded. In addition to assessments of the load-bearing capacity of masonry, moisture penetration and salt accumulation are essential parameters for repair planning. The subsequent execution of the repair measures must be coordinated with the determined condition of the building, the planned further service life and type and, if necessary, also with aspects of monument preservation.

Our services include:

  • Masonry diagnostics according to the WTA-leaflet 4-5-99/D „Beurteilung Mauerwerk – Mauerwerksdiagnostik“ including laboratory examination
    • Apparent recording of the component condition (geometries, crack paths, moisture, etc.)
    • Taking of material samples
    • Determination of strength values in cooperation with the MPA BAU, TU München
    • Salt analysis in cooperation with the MPA BAU, TU München
    • Determination of the degree of moisture penetration, raw density and moisture balance in our in-house laboratory
    • Optional: recording of masonry and air temperature as well as humidity over longer periods of time
  • Development of execution variants of the repair in cooperation with the client
  • Maintenance planning in connection with the WTA-leaflet 7-1-18/D „Erhaltung und Instandsetzung von Mauerwerk - Konstruktion und Tragfähigkeit“  creating a bill of quantities
  • Construction supervision, auditing, acceptance.

The following laboratory tests are carried out in our in-house laboratory:

  • Determination of moisture content by drying at elevated temperature according to DIN EN ISO 12570:2018
  • Atmospheric water saturation (saturation humidity) according nach DIN EN 1097-6:2013 attachment B3
  • Water saturation under vacuum (based on DIN 52009 with 30 mbar)
  • Determination of brick bulk density by immersion weighing
  • Determination of the hygroscopic sorption moisture (equilibrium moisture) according to DIN EN 12571:2013 (desiccator process).
Damaged masonry, sanding due to building-damaging salts
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