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Residential and non-residential buildings

Thermal building physics, energy assessment according to EnEV, moisture protection, sealing

When assessing the quality of buildings with regard to energy efficiency, distinction is made between residential and non-residential buildings. As well as the legal requirements for saving energy in new and existing structures, there are also requirements for minimum thermal insulation and moisture protection. Our services include the following:

  • Consultation regarding all questions about the energy saving regulation EnEV
  • Energy assessment for residential buildings according to DIN V 4108-6/DIN V 4701-10
  • Energy assessment for non-residential buildings according to DIN V 18599
  • Requests for funding by KfW and municipal programmes
  • Evaluation of building material, energy consulting
  • Preparation of energy passes
  • Assessment and measurement of airtightness (blower door test)
  • Building thermography
  • Expert appraisal of moisture protection and minimum thermal insulation
  • Assessment of damage by mould
  • Hygrothermal construction component design (WUFI software)