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Hydraulic structures

Support on concrete technology during new construction and restoration

Hydraulic structures are subject to very different external stresses and usually have large mass concrete cross-sections. It is therefore advisable to integrate concrete technological expertise at an early date in the planning process for both new structures and restoration. We offer the following services:

  • Expert advice for structural planners and clients during the design phase, tendering and execution of new as well as the restoration of existing hydraulic structures.
    • Optimization of concrete composition with respect to the anticipated exposure (abrasion, freeze-thaw attack etc.)
    • Conceptual design, coordination and evaluation of the laboratory tests on concrete for hydraulic structures prior to construction measures
    • Calculations of the heat of hydration, e.g. in mass concrete elements
    • Technical support during the drafting of the contract documents
    • Expert assistance during construction
  • Advice on concrete technology for clients and contractors before and during the construction of a new hydraulic structure or restoration work
  • Expert assessment of construction quality taking into account the contractual agreement
  • Investigation and assessment of the state of hydraulic structures prior to restoration
  • Development of restoration concepts and planning of restoration measures