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Airport surfaces and concrete roads

Consulting, design, quality assurance

Concrete roads and airfield surfaces are constructed with unreinforced, anchored or pegged pavement slabs. The relevant design parameter is the flexural strength which must be ensured by special concrete technological measures according to ZTV Beton-StB 07. Furthermore, a high freeze-thaw deicing agent resistance is required (at airports for organic deicing agents) and a high freeze-thaw deicing salt resistance (concrete pavement). To ensure road safety, requirements are specified for surface texture (coefficient of friction, surface roughness). We offer the following services:

  • In cases of damage, expert investigation prior to restoration and for purposes of quality control
  • Structure analysis according to the Eisenmann / Westergaard procedure
  • Calculation of the remaining service life
  • Advising clients and planners with regard to the following
    • Required surface properties
    • Material testing, test methods
    • Concrete technology
    • Joint planning
    • Compliance with requirements for surfaces where water-polluting substances are handled
    • Tendering
  • Creation of quality assurance schemes for production
  • Expert performance of control tests
  • Expert assistance during construction and acceptance