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Portable hardness tester

Measuring the steel grade according to DIN 50159-1:2015-01


The hardness measurement is used to identify different types of steel that were used in the construction. This enables a more efficient control and minimization of material sampling for later testing of the strength and deformation properties of the steel in the laboratory.

The in situ steel grade is checked by using the UCI-Method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance)  according to DIN 50159-1: 2015-01 to determine the Vickers hardness. This requires proper surface preparation. The test pressure is applied manually.

The measurements are carried out by using the Equotip Live UCI Hardness tester by the Company Proceq. The device is a portable, wireless ultrasonic hardness tester that allows mobile hardness tests on in situ structural steel over a large area without removing material.


Manufacturer / Device type:

Proqec / Equotip Live UCI

In situ testing