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Thermal imaging camera


The thermographic camera makes the invisible (to the human eye) infrared heat radiation emitted from objects visible. This enables the visualization of thermal radiation from or temperature distributions in, for example, construction element surfaces. It is therefore possible to observe non-visible parts of constructions or defective regions.


  • Localization of thermal bridges in heated buildings
  • Visualization of air leaks during the blower door measurement
  • Localization of defective regions, leaks, heat sources, heating pipes etc.
  • Localization of water-bearing cracks, cavities and minimum member thicknesses
  • Determination of moisture penetration
  • Active thermography.

Manufacturer / Device type

Trotec / IC 080


Dipl.-Ing. Architect Christian Schiessl, M.BP. is an IR-thermography operator  level 1 (ISO 9712).

[Translate to EN:] OPTRIS PI 450 (Quelle: Optris GmbH)
[Translate to EN:] Thermografie in Verbindung mit Blower Door Messung
Thermography analysis
[Translate to EN:] Lokalisierung der Fußbodenheizung