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3D Laser Scanner

Capture and processing of spatial information


Using a 3D laser scanner, high-resolution point clouds in 360° as well as full-color panoramic photos are created at one or more scan locations. By linking (so-called registering) several scanners, even larger structures can be recorded and precisely measured.


  • Creation of point clouds for any further processing (.e57 or .rcp file formats) - e.g. as the basis of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in existing buildings
  • Creation of precise plan documents (floor plans and sections of the building as-is) and export as CAD file (.dwg file format)
  • Exact dimensioning with approx. 3 mm accuracy as well as documentation of the building condition
  • Precise documentation of the building condition.

Precise location of measurement and investigation points and export to plan documents.


Manufacturer / Device type

Leica / BLK 360



Leica / Register 360 BLK Edition

Leica / Cyclone FIELD 360

Scasa / PinPoint

Scasa / Registration Tool

Autodesk / AutoCAD

Nemetschek / Allplan

Registration of several individual scans to a single point cloud
Editing of point clout using Scasa PinPoint
Preparation and export of spatial information with Scasa Pinpoint
Creation of planning documents in AutoCAD