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Repair and protection

Building inspection, planning, tendering, supervision and maintenance

All structural repairs in Germany must be conducted according to the repair directive of the German Committe for Reinforced Concrete (RiLi SIB 2001) or the Technical Rule for maintenance of concrete structures of the German Institute for Construction Technology. Fundamental to this is to prepare a thorough current condition assessment of the structure for the building owner before the desired condition is discussed. The planning and design of the repair must take into account the requirements of the client, the recognized technical rules and their respective economy. Careful supervision during the construction phase much ensure compliance to the plan guidelines the required quality in the execution of work.

Our expert services include:

  • Building inspections for determining current condition (among other thing determining chloride loading, carbonation depth, concrete cover depth, potential field measurement, strength investigations, and if necessary, structural analysis with ultrasound and radar)
  • Development of alternative construction methods in coordination with the owner
  • Execution planning and drafting of specifications
  • Construction supervision, auditing, inspection
  • Development and implementation of maintenance plans.
Chloride-induced corrosion
Underground parking garage repair
Exposed reinforcement (intermediate ceiling)
Foundation repair