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Microscopic investigations

Microscopic examinations for structure recording, determination of damage causes, layer thicknesses etc. on objects and thin sections

The microscopy of objects, material samples and thin sections makes it possible to examine the structural composition. In many cases, this is necessary in order to determine the causes and mechanisms as well as the extent of damage to components and structures. Furthermore, control tests can be carried out using microscopic images, e.g. to determine the layer structure and layer thicknesses of surface protection systems.


Our services include:

  • Examination and documentation of objects
  • Sample analysis using thin sections, also under UV light
  • Damage analysis/crack analysis on concrete and cement block samples
  • Determination of depassivation and penetration fronts of media on concrete samples
  • Layer thickness determination on surface protection systems
  • Damage analysis on steel samples
  • Crack tests on prestressing steel samples.

Contacts: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Sodeikat, Dr.-Ing. Doris Strehlein und Matthias Schol, M.Sc.

Layer thickness determination on a surface protection system
Crack test on a stress-corrosion-sensitive prestressing steel
Fracture pattern of prestressing steel susceptible to stress corrosion cracking
Crack analysis on concrete under UV light on a thin section