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Fair-faced concrete

Design, expert opinion, tendering, quality assurance

The successful production of fair-faced concrete structures or elements with the desired level of quality requires special measures in the design and tendering phases as well as during construction. Our expert services provide, in particular, advice for architects and clients in planning, tendering and execution of fair-faced concrete structures and elements as follows.

  • Definition of design ideas, determination of technical feasibility of special detailed solutions and, if necessary, finding compromises during the realization phase
  • Advice on planning detailed solutions for fair-faced concrete
  • Technical support during the drafting of the contract documents
  • Expert assistance during the construction of fair-faced concrete structures and elements
  • Expert assessment of construction quality taking into account the contractual target quality
  • Advice and expert assistance for any necessary cosmetic or repair measures


The DBV/VDZ Bulletin "fair-faced concrete", published June 2015, summarizes the state-of-the-art of fair-faced concrete construction methods and is usually the reference document in Germany for design and contracts related to fair-faced concrete elements. The bulletin recommends supervision by specialists for the design, tendering, and construction of fair-face concrete in class SB 3 (concrete surfaces with complex creative requirements) and higher.

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