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Expert planning: Water-impermeable concrete structures

Support on concrete technology, coordination of planning concerning water-impermeable constructions, investigation and assessment of the state of leak buildings, planning of restoration measures

Design and execution of building work concerning water-impermeable concrete structures has always been a challenging task. There are plenty of influencing factors which have to be considered, in order to reach the requested high engineering standards of new structures. Mistakes and defects even in latest projects validate the complexity and actuality of this topic and are one of the reasons why the state of the art is not always in demand. A significant factor in reaching the requested high standards is the coordinated cooperation and collaboration of all the professionals involved in the design and execution process. New technologies like fully bonded sheet membrane-systems can help to achieve a higher level of safety.

Our services include:

  • Expert advice für structural planners and clients during the design phase, tendering and execution of new water-impermeable structures as well as the restoration of existing water-impermeable structures
  • coordination of the design processes
  • advice on concrete technology for clients and contractors, especially on massive concrete structures
  • assessment of existing buildings and their execution quality
  • investigation of leaks and other defects
  • develpment of restoration concepts and planning of repair measures.
Local water inlet
Crack under UV light
Bottom plate with local leak
Monitoring fully bonded sheet membrane-system