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Construction site monitoring of concrete according to ÜK2/ÜK3

Monitoring of concrete according to DIN 1045-3

During the production of concrete structures, construction companies must ensure that the concretes used and their processing comply with the applicable codes and the specifications. That is done by continuous monitoring of the delivered ready-mixed concrete, including further processing. Therefore, concretes of monitoring classes 2 and 3 (ÜK2 and ÜK3) must be monitored by specialists with special expertise (E-certificate) and experience as well as specified equipment. This service can be done by the construction company itself but can also be outsourced.

Our services include:

  • Monitoring of ÜK2/ÜK3 construction sites according to DIN 1045-3
    • Fresh concrete testing
    • Hardened concrete testing
    • Component temperature controlled hardening test (climate box)
    • Documentation of all results
    • Concrete technology training of construction site personnel
    • Registration and deregistration of the construction site with the external supervisor
    • Evaluation and reporting of results to your company and the third-party supervisor
  • Concrete technology consulting
    • Selection of optimum concrete types based on the specifications or the construction description
    • Performance of extended suitability tests (e.g. robustness tests, rapid chloride migration tests (RCM))
    • Consulting concerning placement and curing of ready-mix concrete
    • Consulting concerning special construction methods

Our testing laboratory fulfills the requirements of a "Permanent Concrete Testing Laboratory" as well as a testing laboratory for factory production control (FPC) and is listed as a VMPA recognized concrete testing laboratory (VMPA-B-2244).


Qualifications in our office

Holder of the E-certificate ("Extended concrete technology training"): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Sodeikat


Contacts: Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Anne Rausch, Dr.-Ing. Angelika Schießl-Pecka and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Stengel

Certificate testing laboratory
Compressive strength test
RCM testing
Concrete slump