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Sewers/wastewater Facilities

Control inspections, damage assessment, restoration recommendations

Wastewater and sewage systems (e.g. rainwater cisterns and clarifiers) are exposed to harsh conditions and are often old structures which must fulfil special requirements for impermeability (prevention of ex- and infiltration). Therefore regular inspection is required and, if necessary, recommendations are needed for repair measures. Structural integrity and operational safety have to be assessed and ensured. Our office performs this work especially in the case of accessible sewers. We provide the following services:

  • Regular control inspections
  • Testing according to DIN 1076
  • Monitoring with strain gauges
  • Detecting infiltration with infrared cameras
  • Building monitoring by tacheometric surveying with fixed points
  • Damage assessment, especially for accessible concrete and masonry canals
  • Advice and recommendations regarding necessary restoration work (e.g. crack injection, coating, etc.).

Our office has all the necessary safety equipment and trained technicians needed for work in canals.