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Parking garages

Building assessment, planning and execution of restoration work, supervision of all work phases

Multi-storey and underground carparks are subjected to harsh environmental loads due to traffic and aggressive media, in particular from the use of deicing salt in winter. The durability of newly built or restored parking facilities essentially depends on the execution and quality of protective measures, in particular, against the ingress of deicing salt. Successful restoration of parking facilities requires targeted structural investigations, a skilled evaluation of the existing state and high technical competence for the necessary planning and execution.

We offer the following services:

  • In cases of damage, expert investigation prior to restoration measures and for purposes of quality control. This includes the following.
  • Potential field measurements to determine regions with chloride-induced corrosion (according to Bulletin B3 of the DGZfP)
  • Determination of the position of reinforcement and concrete cover (reinforcement scanner, radar and ultrasonic methods)
  • Sampling and analysis of drill dust, determination of chloride content
  • Determination of carbonation depth
  • Determination of concrete strength based on tests with extracted cores and the rebound hammer
  • Determination of adhesive tensile strength of concrete surfaces
  • Determination of roughness depth of concrete surfaces (sand patch method and ELA texture instrument)
  • Detection of defects in primer coats and seals (high voltage spark tester)
  • Corrosion monitoring (installation and evaluation)
  • Planning of repair measures and construction supervision
  • Calculation of remaining service life
  • Creation of quality assurance concepts for new constructions and restoration
  • Expert assistance for execution and acceptance